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The desk of a Tax Attorney working on the tax return of a client


Piersall Law Firm, P.C.


Piersall Law Firm prepares federal and state, individual and corporate income tax returns.  Our lawyers can assist you with dealing with the IRS including audits, non-filed returns, and settlement agreements. We work with you to minimize the impact of income taxes, gift taxes, and estate taxes. We help you take full advantage of all applicable tax credits, deductions, exemptions and elections, so you can transfer your wealth with maximum benefit for your business, your family and your philanthropic beneficiaries. 

Our tax services include:

State & Federal Returns

Preparation of state and federal income, estate and other returns

Valuation Disputes

Representation of estates and other taxpayers in valuation disputes

Property Tax

Representing taxpayers and municipalities in property tax matters before the board of review, circuit court and the court of appeals

IRS & Court Representation

Representation of taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service, Iowa Department of Revenue, tax court, the Iowa Tax Appeals Commission, Iowa circuit and appellate courts and federal district courts

Section 1031 Exchanges

Section 1031 exchanges, including reverse exchanges, multiple asset exchanges, construction exchanges and related party exchanges

Tax Planning

Tax planning for individuals, partnerships and corporations